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The School may provide an integrated program of educational and support services for students who are pregnant or who are parents.  If the School provides such a program, the program shall include all of the following:

  1. Individual counseling, peer counseling, and self-help programs.
  2. Career counseling and job readiness training.
  3. Day care for the students' children on the campus or at a day-care facility in close proximity to the campus.
  4. Transportation for children of students to and from the campus or day-care facility.
  5. Transportation for students, as appropriate, to and from the campus or day-care facility.
  6. Instruction related to knowledge and skills in child development, parenting, and home and family living.
  7. Assistance to students in the program in obtaining available services from government agencies or community service organizations, including prenatal and postnatal health and nutrition programs.

The School shall solicit recommendations for obtaining community support for the students and their children in the life skills programs.

The School may operate a shared services arrangement program to operate a life skills program for student parents.

Education Code 29.085 (See EHBC, FNE)


The School may offer one, or more, courses in addition to those in the required curriculum for local credit.

The State Board of Education shall be flexible in approving such courses for credit for high school graduation and approve courses in cybersecurity for high school graduation credit.  Education Code 28.002(f) (See EIF)

Adopted: 7/12/85
Amended: 10/25/85, 2/14/86, 1/26/90, 1/29/93, 1/24/97, 11/19/99, 1/30/04, 11/9/12, 1/25/19