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Students referred to TSBVI remain the responsibility of local districts for providing a free appropriate public education (FAPE) while TSBVI provides the interim assignment for special education services pursuant to the student’s IEP.  For each of its students enrolled in TSBVI, the student’s local school district shall share the cost of the student's education (excluding the local district’s summer program) in accordance with Education Code 30.003.  Prior to consideration of the student's educational placement for special education services, the student’s local school district shall provide each parent of a student with visual impairments the following written information regarding TSBVI.

  1. The availability of programs offered;
  2. The eligibility and admissions requirements; and
  3. The student's rights to admission and to appeal admission decisions.

Education Code 30.003(a), 30.004(a); 19 TAC 89.62

The student’s local school district may request services through TSBVI in accordance with 19 TAC 89.1085.  

Please see the local district’s policies regarding the following:

  • Shared Services Arrangements
  • Private School involvement or placement
  • Reimbursement
  • Home Schooled Students
  • Individualized Services Plans (ISP)
  • Transportation
  • Mainstreaming or Inclusion

Adopted:         1/24/02

Amended:       6/5/13, 11/15/18