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The Superintendent shall ensure that:

  1. A conference between parents and teachers will conducted at least once annually;
  2. At least once every 12 weeks, a parent will be given written notice of a student's performance in each class or subject; and
  3. At least once every three weeks, or during the fourth week of each nine-week grading period, to give the parent will be given written notice if a student's performance in a foundation curriculum subject is consistently unsatisfactory, as determined by the School.

The notice required by items 2 and 3 must provide for the signature of the student's parent and must be returned to the School.

"Parent" includes a guardian, conservator, or other person having lawful control of a student.


These requirements do not apply to a student who:

  1. Is 18 or older and living in a different residence than the student's parents;
  2. Is married; or
  3. Has had the disabilities of minority removed for general purposes.

Education Code 28.022(a)


The first written notice of a student's performance that the School gives during a school year under Education Code 28.022(a)(2) [see POLICY REQUIREMENTS, item 2, above] must include the School's most recent performance rating.

Education Code 39.251

Adopted: 5/30/86

Amended: 1/23/87, 11/30/90, 3/27/92, 11/15/96, 4/1/05, 11/18/05