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The valedictorian and the salutatorian shall be the eligible students with the highest and second highest class ranking as determined by this policy who have:

  1. Completed the Recommended High School Program or the Advanced/Distinguished Achievement Program or Foundation Graduate Program with Endorsement(s).
  2. Met all course requirements or demonstrated subject mastery (course proficiency) through state-approved assessments;
  3. Met the minimum criteria for membership in the National Honor Society;
  4. Been continuously enrolled in and attending classes at TSBVI for one full regular school year immediately preceding the students’ graduation.
  5. Exhibited qualities of a good citizen including respect for others, punctuality, positive attitude, and responsibility.           


The valedictorian and salutatorian will be selected by a committee appointed by the Principal.


In case of a tie for the position of valedictorian, the students who tie shall be recognized as covaledictorians.

In cases of a tie for the position of salutatorian, the students who tie shall be recognized as cosalutatorians.


Each general academic teaching institution [see Education Code 61.003(3)] shall admit an applicant for admission as an undergraduate student if the applicant:

  1. Graduated:
    1. With a grade point average in the top ten percent of the student’s high school graduating class in one of the two school years preceding the academic year for which the applicant is applying for admission and submitted a complete application defined by the institution before the expiration of the institution’s established deadline; or
    2. In the top 25 percent of the student’s high school class, to the extent the governing board of a general academic teaching institution has adopted such an admission policy;

[See Class Rank, below]

  1. Graduated from a public high school in Texas accredited by a generally recognized accrediting organization;
  2. Successfully completed the Foundation, Recommended or Distinguished/Advanced Achievement High School Program or satisfied ACT’s College Readiness Benchmarks on the ACT assessment or earned a score on the SAT that meets the minimum requirements described by 19 Administrative Code 5.5(b)(1)(D); and
  3. Submitted an official high school transcript or diploma that, not later than the end of the student’s junior year, indicates whether the student has satisfied the requirements outlined above regarding successful completion of the Recommended or Distinguished/Advanced Achievement High School Program.

Education Code 51.803(a); 19 TAC 5.5(b)


Beginning with admissions for the 2011–12 academic year, the University of Texas at Austin (UT) is not required to offer admission to applicants who qualify for automatic admission in excess of the number required to fill 75 percent of the University’s enrollment capacity designated for first-time resident undergraduate students in an academic year.

If the number of applicants who apply to UT for admission in the next academic year and who qualify for automatic admission exceeds 75 percent of UT’s enrollment capacity, UT shall, not later than September 15, provide to each school, for dissemination to high school juniors and their parents, notice of which percentile ranks of high school seniors who qualify for automatic admission are anticipated to be offered admission during the next school year.

Education Code 51.803(a-1)–(a-2)

Curriculum Requirements

An applicant who does not satisfy the curriculum requirements for the foundation program, the Recommended or the Advanced/Distinguished Achievement High School Program is considered to have satisfied those requirements if the student completed the portion of the Recommended or Distinguished curriculum that was available to the student but was unable to complete the remainder solely because the necessary courses were unavailable to the student at the appropriate times in the student’s high school career as a result of course scheduling, lack of enrollment capacity, or another cause not within the student’s control.  Education Code 51.803(b)

To qualify for admission under this section, an applicant must submit an application before the expiration of any application filing deadlines and provide a transcript that satisfies the requirements listed in Education Code 51.803(d).  A student’s transcript or diploma must, not later than the student’s junior year, indicate the student’s progress toward satisfying the curriculum requirements [see EI].  Education Code 51.803 (c)-(d)

Signs to Be Posted

The Board shall require the high school to post appropriate signs in the social worker’s suite in braille and large print and each counselor's office, in each principal’s office, and in each administrative building indicating the substance of the automatic admission provisions above.  Education Code 28.026

Dissemination by Local ISD

The local school district shall provide each student, at the time the student first registers for one or more classes required for high school graduation, with a written notification concerning automatic college admission, the curriculum requirements for financial aid under Education Code, Title 3, and the benefits of completing the requirements for automatic admission and financial aid. A school district shall obtain written acknowledgement of receipt of the notification from each eligible student and student’s parent or guardian.  The notification must be signed by the student’s school counselor in addition to being signed by the student and the student’s parent or guardian.  19 TAC 61.1201

[See resident school district policies for more information about automatic admission to college.]

Education Code 28.026, 33.007(c)

Note:   The Notification of Eligibility for Automatic College Admission, is available at the TEA website

Class Rank

High school rank for students seeking automatic admission to a general teaching institution on the basis of their class rank is determined and reported as follows:

  1. Most recent available class rank, based on a point in time no earlier than the end of the 11th grade, shall be used for admission decision-making.
  2. The top ten percent and top 25 percent of a high school class shall not contain more than ten percent and top 25 percent, respectively, of the total class size.
  3. The student's rank shall be reported by the applicant's high school or school district as a specific number out of a specific number total class size.
  4. Class rank shall be determined by the Texas school from which the student graduated or is expected to graduate.
  5. Students taking advanced placement or honors courses will receive a weighted grade at completion.

19 TAC 5.5(f)

End-of-course assessments

A student’s performance on an end-of-course assessment instrument may not be used in determining the student’s class ranking for any purpose, including entitlement to automatic college admission. Education Code 39.0232(b)(1)

Adopted:         11/14/97

Amended:       1/30/04, 9/20/13, 8/9/18, 1/25/19