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Have you wondered how you could get hooked up to resources about deafblindness without ever leaving your school building? Ever needed information about a particular student's hearing or vision impairment but there was no one around to ask? Would you like to connect with other interveners who provide the same kind of service you offer with deafblind students across the country?

Here are some great options for you to try:

· Check out state and national websites that provide incredible information on deafblindness. You may already be familiar with the Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired 's website. On the sidebar to the right, you will find a heading called Texas Deafblind Project. Click on that and it will send you to a page with many kinds of information, from an intervener resources section to varied materials on deafblindness.

· Nationally, there are many web-based resources. From the TSBVI website, you can click on “statewide, national and international resources”. That will lead you on journeys to the National Information Clearinghouse on Children who are Deaf-Blind ( DB-LINK , at , or the Helen Keller National Center .

· There is an Intervener listserv that is moderated from Utah and is open to all interveners to join. The SKI HI Institute is hosting a dedicated Paraprofessional and Intervener Training listserv . To join the listserv, simply go to the following website and follow the enrollment directions:
Once you have registered, go to: to submit postings.

Ready to try? Please connect with one of these resources and then drop us a line to let us know what you found most useful. That way we can share your information with others!

Cyral Miller, 512-206-9242 or