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Spring 2000 Table of Contents
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By Patricia Mejia, Sister, Kingsville, Texas

My favorite relative is Riqui Mejia; he is blind. There are so many things I like about my brother. Here are mostly all the things that make my brother my favorite relative.

My brother is tall and five years old. He weighs about 28 or 29 pounds. Don't you think that he's a little too skinny for a five-year-old? His eyes are dark blue and light blue. He has black hair and big feet.

When he's around other people, like my friends and cousins, he likes to act silly and be cute. I like to play outside with my brother in my spare time. We play ring around the roses and swing on the swings.

His favorite thing to do is jump on top of the sofa. When he starts to cry, we have to turn on the blender.

He also likes to walk around a lot. If I go outside, he has to go outside. When we are outside cooking in the backyard, I play basketball. Riqui loves to play with round balls. So I pick him up, sit him on my shoulders, tell him to throw, and he throws the ball. He misses, but we keep on trying until he makes it.

Riqui is cozy as a bear and sweet as honey. When you're in a bad mood, he helps you to be happy again by being silly. These are all the reasons why I choose Riqui Mejia as my favorite relative.