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Two young women with DeafBlindness.The Texas DeafBlind Project assists in the development of educational programs to meet the unique needs of students with deafblindness throughout the state of Texas.

We partner with the Education Service Centers and other state agencies to provide a variety of services to support students and their teams in their home school districts.  In addition to the teacher of students who are deaf or hard of hearing, the teacher of students who are visually impaired and orientation and mobility specialist, teams may include family members, classroom teacher(s), paraprofessionals, interveners, assessment staff, administrators, other school staff, related service providers, representatives of state agencies, and education service center personnel.

The Texas DeafBlind Outreach Project transition services focus on working with students, families, educators and rehabilitation staff to provide technical assistance to help with individual transition planning using best practice approaches such as person-centered planning, customized employment, and self-determination. Our consultant can provide individual consultation, theory to practice consultation, workshops and information and referral.

Using the "Request a Service" drop-down menu on the left the local ISD, ESC, or agency may:

  • Request contact from a Family Engagement Specialist.
  • Request a Student Consultation for an individual student related to educational and/or transitional issues.
  • Request a Theory to Practice Consultation targeting several students with similar needs or targeting specific skills for team members who support the individual student(s).
  • Request a Workshop on a topic specific to students with visual impairments and multiple disabilities.


Contact any of the staff listed below:

Educational Programming

Adam Graves, DeafBlind Education Consultant


Chris Montgomery, DeafBlind Education Consultant


Deanne Peterson, DeafBlind Education Consultant

Matt Schultz, DeafBlind Education Consultant


Family Engagement

Edgenie Bellah, Family Engagement Coordinator


Orientation and Mobility

Chris Tabb, O&M Consultant


Transition Issues

David Wiley, Transition Consultant