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In this policy, "teacher" means a principal, supervisor, classroom teacher, counselor, or other full-time professional who is required to hold a certificate issued under Education Code Subchapter B, Chapter 21, except the term does not include a superintendent, or any employee who does not provide direct and regular services to students at the school. Each teacher shall be employed under a term contract as provided by Education Code Subchapter E, Chapter 21, except for those who are employed under probationary contracts as provided by Policy DCA.

Education Code 30.024(a)(b).



A person who desires to teach at TSBVI shall present the persons certificate for filing with the School before the persons contract with the Board is binding. Education Code 21.053(a)

Probationary Certificate

Except as provided below, before a term contract may be issued, the employee must be employed under a probationary contract.

Exception for principal or classroom teacher

The School may employ a person as a principal or classroom teacher under a term contract if the person has experience as a public school principal or classroom teacher, respectively, regardless of whether the person is being employed by the School for the first time or whether a probationary contract would otherwise be required under Section 21.102.

Education Code 21.202 (See DCA)


Except as provided by Education Code 21.352(c), the Board's employment policies, which must include reasons for not renewing a term contract at the end of a school year, must require a written evaluation of each term contract employee at annual or more frequent intervals. Education Code 21.203 [See DFBB and DN series]


A term contract shall be in writing and include the terms of employment prescribed by Education Code Chapter 21, Subchapter E; the Board may include other provisions in a term contract that are consistent with that subchapter. Each term contract is subject to the approval of the Board.

The Board shall provide each teacher, as that term is defined in Education Code 30.024(a)(b), with a copy of the teachers contract.


The Board shall also provide each teacher a copy of the Board's employment policies upon the teacher's request. The School shall place the Board's employment policies on the Schools Internet web site and on the Schools Intranet, and shall make a copy of the Board's employment policies available for inspection at a reasonable time on request.

Education Code 21.204(a) -(d)

Maximum Duration

Once the probationary period has been completed, the duration of a term contract shall be one school year. Education Code 21.205


There is no property interest in a term contract beyond its term. Education Code 21.204(e)

Adopted: 11/17/95

Amended: 3/22/96, 11/6/98, 3/26/02, 1/28/05