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All noncontract staff shall be evaluated in writing at least annually. The appraisal program shall be administered as follows:


Job related criteria shall provide the basis for evaluation and appraisal of employee performance. Each employee shall be informed of the criteria on which he, or she, will be evaluated.


Evaluation and appraisal ratings shall be based on the evaluation instrument and cumulative performance data gathered by supervisors throughout the year. Each employee shall have at least one appraisal conference annually and may have as many as the supervisor deems necessary.


Reports, correspondence, and memoranda may be placed in each employee's personnel file, as necessary, to document performance.


To the extent possible, written evaluations on School-approved forms shall be completed prior to a recommendation to the Superintendent regarding continued employment. The completed form should be signed by both the evaluator and the person being evaluated, and a copy of the evaluation shall be given to the employee.

Adopted:         1/26/96

Amended:       3/21/03

Reviewed:       1/25/19