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Administrators and other professionals shall be appraised in the performance of their job duties annually, or at more frequent intervals.

Education Code 21.203(a)


All administrators shall be appraised annually using the state and/or local criteria and procedures.

Education Code 21.203(a)


A document evaluating the performance of an administrator is confidential and is not subject to disclosure under the Public Information Act, Government Code 552.  [See GBA].

TSBVI may give TEA a document evaluating the performance of an administrator employed by the School for purposes of an investigation conducted by TEA.  A document provided to TEA remains confidential unless the document becomes part of the record in a contested case under the Administrative Procedure Act, Government Code, Chapter 2001.

Except as provided by a court order prohibiting disclosure, a document provided to TEA may be used in a disciplinary proceeding against an administrator if the document may be admitted under rules of evidence applicable to a contested case under Government Code 2001.081.

Education Code 21.355


The information in the annual report describing the educational performance of the School (see BQA) shall be a primary consideration of the Superintendent in evaluating the Comprehensive Programs Principal.  In addition, the appraisal of the Comprehensive Programs Principal shall include consideration of the School's performance indicators and the objectives of Comprehensive Programs, including performance gains and the maintenance of those gains.

Education Code 21.3541; 19 TAC 150.1026

Appraisal Instrument and Process

TSBVI shall involve appropriate administrators in developing, selecting, or revising the appraisal instruments and process.

Before conducting appraisals, an appraiser shall provide evidence of training in appropriate personnel evaluation skills related to the locally established criteria and process.

The School may implement a process for collecting staff input for evaluating administrators. If the School implements such a process, the input must not be anonymous.

The appraisal of the Principal shall include a student performance domain. The School shall use the student performance domain developed in consultation with the schoolwide committee and adopted by the Board for the Principal. 

Education Code 21.3541; 19 TAC 150.1026 [See Administrator Appraisal, above]

Note:  The standards, indicators, knowledge, and skills to be used to align with the training, appraisal, and professional development of principals are outlined in 19 Administrative Code 149.2001.


Appraisals of Campus Administrators Other Than Principals

TSBVI shall appraise each campus administrator, other than a principal, annually using an appraisal process and performance criteria developed by TSBVI in consultation with the schoolwide committee and adopted by the Board.


The domains and descriptors used to evaluate each administrator may include the following:

  1. Instructional management.
  2. School or organization morale.
  3. School or organization improvement.
  4. Personnel management.
  5. Management of administrative, fiscal, and facilities functions.
  6. Student management.
  7. School or community relations.
  8. Professional growth and development.
  9. Academic excellence indicators and campus performance objectives.

In developing appraisal instruments, the School shall use the local job description, as applicable.

19 TAC 150.1021, 150.1022


The School shall use the job description and evaluation form developed by the commissioner of education to evaluate counselors.

Education Code 21.356

Adopted:         1/13/81

Amended:       9/9/83, 5/30/86, 9/15/88, 3/22/91, 5/26/94, 11/18/94, 1/26/96, 9/26/97, 5/25/00, 3/21/03, 5/25/05, 1/25/19