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  1. Parent: If it plays music or lights up I push the button to make it do it.  If it is a toy without music or lights I hold it in front of her face to get her interested in it.  School: Make noise with it.  Mostly she finds things on her own.  Put it in her field.
  2. Parent: Cassie will grab it or reach for it.  School: She brings it to her face or moves it.  Looks out window of van when moving for the whole trip.
  3. Parent: Haven’t really seen a true preference but sometimes she’ll tilt her head up.  School: Holds head back, like when looking at faces.  Forward gait-eyelids partially closed.  Blocking field?
  4. Parent:  ½ by look and ½ by feel.  School:  Looking then touching.
  5. Parent:  Worry about lack of depth perception causing falls.  School: Nope, only curious.
  6. Parent:  I hold it about a foot to a foot and a half away from face directly in front of her eyes.  Sometimes I wiggle it.  School:  Right in front-central.
  7. Parent:  Her guitar, vacuum cleaner, closets.  School:  Accordion, rolling chair, pots and pans, keyboard, toy car (for crashing), swing, trampoline, slide.
  8. Parent: physically they are fine except for a little astigmatism in one eye.  School: No problem.
  9. Parent:  When they light up or glow if they vibrate or wiggle.  School:  Varies.
  10. Parent:  Haven’t really seen a preference.  School:  No major color preference.
  11. Parent:  If it’s very shiny she will squint her eyes.  She will be curious about them.  School:  No large attraction to shiny stuff unless it’s reflecting a lot of light.
  12. Parent:  Likes to see them turned on and off.  School:  Lights, especially to turn off/on.
  13. Parent: Majority of the time.  School:  Yes, because she’ll reach for it.
  14. Parent:  Notices things that move first.  School:  Both-she moves.  Can label when swinging.
  15. Parent:  Might slightly raise her head up.  School:  Varies.
  16. Parent:  Have not seen her make a preference for a specific color.  School:  No.
  17. Parent:  I would say more in new places.  School:  Doesn’t search things out in new places.  Runs through.  Moves all the time in new environment with no attention to detail.
  18. Parent:  Holds her head straight towards it for the most part but sometimes will turn head away.  School: Varies.
  19. Parent:  She will shake it and turn it over and around in her hands and then will look at it.  School:  Varies.
  20. Parent:  No.  School:  NA
  21. Have you ever been concerned about the way your child’s eyes move?  Parent:  No.  School:  NA
  22. Parent:  She’ll just take each one at a time and check them out.  School:  Looks less.
  23. Parent:  Her Mom’s Dad’s, and babysitter’s because they are faces of the people she knows, trusts, and loves.  School:  All.  She likes faces but doesn’t seem to differentiate.
  24. Parent:  For the most part she’ll check out the new object but sometimes she’ll choose the familiar object.  School:  Depends.
  25. Parent:  Likes toys or objects that are musical or light up or have soft texture. School:  Varies.