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with Lynne McAlister and Sara Kitchen. Certified teachers of the visually impaired.

Lynne: All right, so now we're gonna take the information from, uh, that we put on Ian's CVI Resolution Chart. And we're going to transfer it to one of the essential forms, the CVI Range. So, if you find the CVI Range form in your essential form packet, we're gonna turn to the last page, the last two pages, which is called the CVI Range Within, CVI Characteristics Assessment Method. And this is Rating 2. Um, it's a pretty much a straight forward transfer from the resolution chart to Rating 2.

In Row 1 for Color Preference, Ian fell into the 7-10 range. He has two different scores there. We went ahead and picked Range 7-8 for that because we've noticed that response more consistently. And so we're going to transfer .75, we're gonna circle that on Number 1 on Rating 2 Chart.

On Row 2 on the resolution chart, we ended up in Range 7-8 also. And so we are gonna circle .75 on the Rating 2 Chart.

Number 3, Visual Latency. Ian had the majority of his responses in Range 5-6 box, which is .50. And so we are gonna go ahead and circle .50 on the Rating 2 Chart. In

Row 4 on the resolution chart, it is Visual Field Preferences. And Ian's responses were in Range 9-10, which is the 1.0 on the chart. We're gonna circle the Number 1 on the Rating 2 scale.

In Row 5, Difficulties With Visual Complexity. Ian had responses in Range 7-8 and Range 9 or 10. But we went ahead and chose Range 7-8 because he had more responses in that box. And he was more consistent. So circle .75 on Row 5 on the Rating 2 scale.

On Row 6 on the resolution chart, Ian's responses fell in the Range 5-6, which turns into .5 on the Rating 2 scale.

On Row 7, Ian had different responses. We went ahead just in our experience with him, and what we saw more consistently. And chose Range 9-10. For Difficulty With Distance Viewing. So we circled Number 1 on the Rating 2 scale.

In Row 8 in the resolution chart, Ian's responses fell in Range 9-10. So we circled Number 1 on the Rating 2 scale.

Row Number 9, Difficulties With Visual Novelty. His responses fell in Range 7-8, which is .75 on the Rating 2 scale.

And then the last response, Absence of Visually Guided Reach, Row 10. He had three different responses and so we went ahead and picked the middle response as being the best answer. So that would be .75 on the Rating 2 scale. And if you add all those numbers up, you'll come up with a number, 7.75.

So we're gonna turn back to the front page of the essential forms. And where it says total for Ratings 2, we're going to write in 7.75.

Lynne: And now we're gonna go up to Rating 1. We're going to fill that form out, which is called the CVI Range Across CVI Characteristics Assessment Method. And this method covers more in detail the visual functioning in all the different ranges. And so it begins at Range 1 and goes all the way up to Range 10. And we went ahead and filled this out already, so we're not gonna concentrate on the entire assessment but where Ian kind of falls in with his visual functioning which is between Range 7 and 8 and Range 9 and 10. So, the last two sections of the assessment. And so you can see there's quite a few resolved visual behaviors here, there are some pluses.

The plus/minuses in Range 9-10 start becoming more frequent than they were in 7 and 8. And so what Christine says in her book on Page 61 about how to score this is, the student's score on this section of the assessment is determined by the number of the CVI Range in which the last plus item occurs prior to the shift to scores of plus/minus, and minus.

So, Ian has a lot of... Well, he has pluses in Range 7 and 8. And he does start shifting to a lot of plus/minuses in Range 9-10. However, he still has a lot of pluses in Range 9-10. So, we went ahead and chose 9 for him, which is kind of in between. He's at the top of 7 and 8 but not solidly within 9 or 10. So we went ahead and chose 9. So we are gonna take the Number 9.

Go back to the front of your essential forms page where it says total for Rating 1, we're gonna put in 9. And then that gives you the CVI Range for Ian. It is from 7.75 to 9. And down at the bottom, there's a number line, and you can chart it on there for a really good visual of where is Ian is functioning visually.