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with Diane Sheline, Independent Consultant, CTVI, CLVT.

Diane: The same child that is working on cruising also needs to increase his skills in the area of self-help.  His parents would like him to help with brushing his teeth.  The task would be to reach out and grasp his toothbrush.  This is also an example of integrating vision with function.  This child's bathroom sink area might look something like this.

[Video clip]

This bathroom sink area looks like most bathrooms: there are bottles scattered around, towels covering areas, the toothbrush is a translucent pink that is light in color like the counter, the mirror is big and reflective.  Given of what we know of this student, we could make the following adjustments, which might just encourage looking behavior as well as reaching and grasping behavior.  The mirror is blocked, so that the movement from his reflection doesn't distract him.  The black Invisiboard and mat helps to create contrast.  The toothbrush now stands out.  The red is a favored color for the student and the blinking light-up quality draws his visual attention.  Since he has difficulty locating visual targets when they are in his lower visual field, standing the toothbrush up on end helps bring it into his visual field.  Complexity is reduced within the array.  There are no other