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General Information

A Glossary of Color Science

Color Matters - a definitive source for color information, books, research, design and more...

Colour Order Systems in Art and Science (English, Français, German)

Color and Design

A look into color theory in web design

Understanding Color and Accessibility

HTML Color Names

Designing for the Color-Challenged: A Challenge by Thomas G. Wolfmaier

A-Prompt Project - Links


Colour Selection and the Visually Impaired - A Design Guide for Building Refurbishment

Using Color on the Web through Style Sheets

Essential Colour Checklists For Web Design

Color Blindness Resources

Definitions of Color Blindness

Living with Color Blindness

These sites are particularly interesting, as they are designed by people who are color blind, and contain their perspectives as well as additional links:

Blogs and personal articles:

Living with Color Blindness by Aimee Amodio

ydant's musings - a bit about my color blindness

Being a color blind photographer

Color Deficient Vision - provides some information on color blindness and how web designers can choose colors that are safe to use for those with color deficient vision

Information about Achromatopsia

What Teachers, School Nurses and Parents Should Know about Being Color Blind

Industrial and Occupational Color Vision Requirements


Color Blindness Tests and Simulations

Ishihara Color Blindness Tests and Simulators:

Safe Web Colours for Colour-Deficient Vision
Color Perception Issues - excellent reference, with examples

Vischeck color blindness simulator

Lighthouse Color Contrast and Partial Sight
(No additional software or equipment needed):

First Site on Color Blindness

WhatColor - a PC Toll for Colorblind People

Color Blindness Check

Color Blindness and Color Discrimination 

Resources from the Usability Interest Group of the Society for Technical Communication