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Diane: Generally, by phase 3, students don't require lighted objects to help them maintain visual attention.  However, use of light is still helpful on near targets such as worksheets and beginner reader books because it continues to draw the student's visual attention toward the target of interest.  There's a variety of lights that can be used.  You might want to try different colors of lights that are now out there.  I found the more natural daylight colors of light to work well with many of the students.  If the student is not distracted by the desk light, a desk light like this can be used and adjusted so that it's shining on the materials.  Usually on a reading stand, when they're flat, remember our students might still have difficulty with their lower visual field.  So often times, it's best to bring the materials up on a reading stand.  If the child is distracted by the desk light, you might have to go to a floor stand model and have it so that the light is shining over the shoulder and on to the materials, so that they're not looking at the light.  They don't see the light.  It's coming from over their shoulder.