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Diane: Students in phase 3 often continue to have difficulty with distance viewing, particularly 10 feet or more away.  In a classroom setting, this can cause difficulties for the student when the teacher is presenting at the board and there is a lot of visual clutter on the board.  They're not clear as to where they're supposed to be looking and what they're supposed to be attending to.  If a distant target, 10 feet or more away, can stand out in some way by either color or movement or by being outlined in black or being lit up, it will be helpful to the student.  Use of a smart board along with powerpoint presentations that include movement are a great way to attract attention and hold visual attention at distance.

Wearing a bright red bathing cap, when you teach a child to swim, helps him to locate you before he pushes off the wall to float towards a parent.  This is an example to use if a child is seated 10 feet away or more and they can't figure out what it is the teacher is trying to get them to attend to, cut a very wide black mat, and use that to block out other things that are on the board and get them to direct their visual attention to the target of interest on the board. 

When they're used to following this black mat many, many times, and they're used to doing that to know where to look, you can reduce it to a smaller size black mat, that's smaller, that just brings their visual attention to the target of interest. And then sometimes the other thing that works with students is using a piece of yellow acetate, and just holding it over to the target of interest.  And this is much easier for the teacher to do, and it draws their visual attention as well.