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Diane: Visual of field preferences continues to play a large part in attending behavior.  While the child is usually better at scanning and looking in phase 2, educators will still need to be careful when presenting targets in the lower visual field.  Now highly motivating targets can be presented in several different fields, which will encourage looking behavior.  But when it's important that the student see the target, presented in the preferred visual field, there's a variety of slant boards out there that can be adjusted to help bring targets into their field.  And in this case, we're going to use a power link, which should not be in their visual field at all.  It should be hidden and not distracting.  And you bring the power switch, you attach the power switch up to a mac button.  If the child can press the button, they can get to see the light.  So you have to adjust both of them so that they are both in their field of view.  If they're going to use a visually guided reach and touch for the button, make sure it's in his field of view, and then the light that they're able to turn on is also in their field of view.