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Diane: Color preference and choice of color will still be important, but usually students are starting to attend to more colors and patterns as they enter phase 2.  They may still be most attentive to bright single-colored objects but now will attend to more of a variety of colors.  As I noted earlier about neuroplasticity, initial change is just temporary.  The brain learns through lots of repetition, and therefore, even though a child might attend to more patterns, you want lots of repetition with targets he is familiar with.  But now targets can generally have two colors, possibly more.  You might introduce new colors paired with movement qualities, which always seems to be an attractant.  Here's a possible new color that you want them to start to attend to, and because it has the movement qualities maybe they're used to, the Mylar reflective qualities that they're attracted to, this might become a color that they will attend to as well.