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Diane: Any novel, or new to the child's target or object that you'd like to use, really needs to have some property or some similar characteristic that is similar to a favored object that they enjoy looking at.  Let me give you an example here.  If the child really enjoys looking at a gold Mylar-like gift bag, and that's his favored target to look at, maybe you can start cutting up the gold Mylar-like gift bag and attaching that to different targets that you want him to start attending to.  For example, if the gold Mylar-like gift bag is similar to this, cut up some of this or cut up the bag itself.  And you want him to start attending to a spoon during feeding time, to watch that spoon as it comes towards his face.   Use some quality of that favored object or favored target that they enjoy looking at and take that quality and attach it to the next target that you want them to look at.