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Diane: Visual field preferences.  This is an incredibly important area to consider when you are encouraging looking behavior for a student in phase 1.  Determine which visual field your student most frequently attends to visual targets the most in.  Rarely, it is the central visual field.  Often students with CVI have difficulty locating and attending to targets also in their lower visual field.  For a child with poor head or neck control, it'll be important to determine the best visual field to present the targets in.  And then make sure if the child's head rolls to one side, the target placement is adjusted accordingly.  Or better yet, make sure the child's head doesn't roll while you're trying to encourage looking behavior.  You can use an Invisiboard.  A slant board of some type.  This is an All-in-One board.  You can make your own boards using headline fabric, but somehow, get the materials up and into the child's field of vision.  You can use Velcro to attach whatever targets you're going to use, and so that you can present that target in the child's best field of view.