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Diane: Most often, the color preference for students functioning in phase 1 is for a single, bright color. It's often either red or yellow, but it can be a variety of different single colors depending upon what they've had the most exposure to. But most often, it's bright red or yellow. I'd like to take a moment right now and talk to you about how to make that single, bright color stand out the best that it can stand out. And you really need to pay attention to the color contrast both under the target and behind the target, and also what you're wearing because you might present the target in front of you depending upon where the child's best field of view is. So, carry around with you a black smock that you can quickly put on over your clothes, if need be, if you're wearing a bright multi-colored or patterned top, and you need to have a solid color to present this single-colored bright target. This is especially important for phase 1 students. You might even consider putting on a black glove, and using that with the target when you're presenting it, and it makes it stand out even better depending upon where their field of view is and where you present it, and if it needs to have a little bit of motion with it.