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Lynne: So, the last characteristic of CVI is visual motor. And this goes back if you remember the picture of the brain that we talked about earlier, and the temporal lobe recognizing objects, and the parietal lobe allowing you to act upon the objects. When these two parts of the brain don't communicate or, you know, the communication is interrupted. Then these two...Those two events recognizing something and acting upon something just can't happen at the same time until those communication pathways are reestablished.

And so, we have some videotape. Two examples: a more, um, unresolved examples, a more clear-cut example of a look, look away, act upon object. And then the second example you'll see is Cassie who's at a higher-resolution stage. She still displays a characteristic of the visual motor, but it's in really rapid succession. So, you're gonna have to really watch her eyes at the end of this video. As she reaches out to pick up the milk carton, the eyes go up, and it's almost at exact same time.

Sara: Right.

Lynne: You know, but it's still there.

Sara: It's unresolved. It's a characteristic that you could miss...

Lynne: Right.

Sara: ...if you weren't looking for it.

[Video Dialog]


See this?

A milk.

[end Video Dialog]

Sara: Another thing, there are couple other things that I just wanted to bring up because there are other theories about this particular characteristic.

Lynne: Uh-hmm.

Sara: One of them is that, um, kids will look at the object, and then look away from it in order to get in to their peripheral field which works better.

What's the other theory? Oh! The other theory is that, um, kids will, you know, do this other kind of adaptation on their own, where if their hand and the object are both in the same field, then it's too much clutter.

So, they look away before their hand comes and messes up everything visually.

That's just... Those are just two other ideas. The second one which I heard just very recently and I went, "Wow!" I never heard that one before.

Lynne: Right. I never even thought about that.

Sara: You know, I mean, that's how new this whole are is. We're still finding out things people are still postulating all the time.

Lynne: Uh-hmm.