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Sara: The next we are gonna talk about is response to light. And, um, a lot of times our kids are very drawn to light. You see them looking, gazing towards light sources. And the reason why we have to be aware of this is because light sources can be very distracting and can kinda get in the way of other visual behaviors that we might wanna increase. So, um, in this video, you'll see this child being very distracted by a light source. We were trying to do it, an assessment...Every Move Counts assessment with her, and she was having a hard time responding to the movement activity that we were doing because she was so distracted by the light coming in over her shoulder.

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It's very distracting.

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Lynne: So, um, one side of the abnormal reaction to light is light gazing. Kids are real attracted to light, kind of in the flip side. You see kids with, um...It's not true photophobia because there is nothing, you know, wrong with the eye itself, but photophobic reactions to light. Sometimes, both of these reactions can take place in the same student, like consecutively. We have, uh...You'll see an example of a videotape of these two students that are attracted to light, and then squint in the light.