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Selected Anomolies and Diseases of the Eye

Table of Contents

This collection of eye diseases and anomalies was prepared for the Teacher of the Visually [Impaired], who may need a rapid reference for consultative and interpretive purposes. This is a web-based reference work. Each page includes related websites for additional information. If you would like a personal copy (without related websites), please see attachments below.

Most of the conditions will be found in school age or preschool children and youth. A few exceptions were included, since they occur commonly in the visually impaired population (e.g., diabetic retinopathy and presbyopia).

Every effort has been made to be accurate, concise and objective, however, it is recognized that there may be a variety of opinions among educators and eye specialists (particularly concerning treatment and implications). Each visually impaired individual is unique, and should be viewed as such; treatments and educational considerations must be designed to meet individual needs.

This Manual should not be considered a complete information guide. There is no substitute for a detailed ophthalmological textbook, and every Teacher of the Visually [Impaired] should own at least one. A reference list is included at the end.

Since medical technology and knowledge is constantly being expanded, several blank pages have been included in the back of this Manual. The user is encouraged to add notes or references as needed.

It is hoped that this Manual will serve the needs of Teachers of the Visually [Impaired] as it was intended. These persons are often the facilitators of success for visually impaired children and youth, and have historically been liaison agents between educators and the eye care professions. Perhaps this Manual will enhance those functions.

© 1990 Virginia E. Bishop, Ph.D.