Welcome to the Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired Computer Based Mentor Training!

Technical Requirements
This course includes interactive and multimedia content that requires:

This training is based on a face-to-face workshop using materials developed by Leslie Hulling. The purpose of this training is to prepare experienced teachers for students with visual impairments and O&M specialists to serve as mentors to new professionals.

Providing mentors for general education and special education teachers is no longer a new concept, however, providing a VI professional as a mentor for new VI professionals is. Some needs of the new professional could be met by any experienced school district professional, for example, getting information on how to access student folders or snow day procedures. However, other needs, such as how to perform a functional vision evaluation on a student with multiple impairments requires the expertise of an experienced VI professional.

This training is divided into 4 chapters. These chapters discuss the need for mentoring programs in public education, the unique needs of the new professional, and determining what type of assistance a mentor can offer the new professional. Later chapters build on information contained in early chapters, but users are free to view chapters out of order.

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