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Go Wildcats!

Texas Education Code 39.0546 requires that TSBVI annually evaluate its performance in the area of community and student engagement.  Ratings are to be assigned for overall performance and for three of the following categories:

  • Fine Arts
  • Wellness and physical education
  • Community and parental involvement
  • The 21st Century Workforce Development program
  • The second language acquisition program
  • The digital learning environment 
  • Dropout prevention strategies
  • Educational programs for gifted and talented students

In addition, TSBVI must indicate whether it complied with statutory reporting and policy requirements.

To determine our ratings, TSBVI used data from the annual Comprehensive Programs Parent Survey.  Certain Parent Survey Questions were assigned to each category. The Survey rating receiving the highest percentage of parent rating for designated questions will be assigned the following ratings:

  • Exemplary = Highest % of parents gave a rating of Outstanding on the Parent Survey
  • Recognized = Highest % of parents gave a rating of Very Satisfactory on the Parent Survey
  • Acceptable = Highest % of parents gave a rating of Satisfactory on the Parent Survey 
  • Unacceptable = Highest % of parents gave a rating of Unsatisfactory/Very Unsatisfactory on the Parent Survey


Fine Arts was rated Recognized

  • Parent Survey Question 1.F Recreation/Leisure Skill Development (e.g., health and fitness, games, crafts, hobbies, solitary and social activities, fine arts)

Wellness and Physical Ed was rated Recognized

  • Parent Survey Question 1.F Recreation/Leisure Skill Development (e.g., health and fitness, games, crafts, hobbies, solitary and social activities, fine arts)

Community and Parental Involvement was rated Exemplary

  • Parent Survey Question 1.J Community Participation (e.g., opportunities to work, recreate, shop in the community)
  • Parent Survey Question 3 Parent Satisfaction (Parents’ satisfaction with parents’ degree of participation in the decisions regarding parents’ child’s educational services and placement)

21st Century Workforce Development Program was rated Recognized

  • Parent Survey Question 1.A Orientation and Mobility (e.g., moving safely in the environment, orientation to rooms and other areas)
  • Parent Survey Question 1.C Communication/Language Development (e.g., functional use of a communication system; picture, objet, gestural, or tactile symbols)
  • Parent Survey Question 1.D Special Student Needs Related to Student’s Visual Impairment (e.g., braille, abacus, low vision devices)
  • Parent Survey Question 1.E Independent/Daily Living Skill Development (e.g., personal hygiene, eating, food management, dressing, clothing care, housekeeping, obtaining goods and services, telephone use, health and safety)
  • Parent Survey Question 1.G Academic Skill Development (e.g., language arts, math, science, social studies)
  • Parent Survey Question 1.H Vocational Skill Development (e.g., awareness of work, work skills, work experiences, work ethics such as being on time, staying on task)
  • Parent Survey Question 1.I Interpersonal/Social/Emotional Development (e.g., maturity, self-esteem, independence, confidence, self-advocacy, interpersonal skills)
  • Parent Survey Question 1.J Community Participation (e.g., opportunities to work, recreate, shop in the community)

Digital Learning Environment was rated Recognized

  • Parent Survey Question 1.B Adapted Technology (e.g., CCTV, computer with speech or large print, electronic voice output devices, Braille-N-Speak)

Dropout Prevention Strategies was rated Exemplary

  • Parent Survey Question 1.I Interpersonal/Social/Emotional Development (e.g., maturity, self-esteem, independence, confidence, self-advocacy, interpersonal skills)
  • Parent Survey Question 2 Parent Overall Satisfaction with the Quality of Instructional Services

Second Language Acquisition was rated Unacceptable

Since no Parent Survey questions address Second Language Acquisition, TSBVI used information about percentage of improvement in scores on the Texas English Language Proficiency Assessment System (TELPAS) Listening and Speaking assessments by our Limited English Proficient (LEP) students.

For assigning a rating, the following percentages were used:

  • Exemplary = 90-100%
  • Recognized = 80-89%
  • Acceptable = 70-79%
  • Unacceptable = 69% or less

Overall Performance Rating was rated Recognized

Overall Performance is the rating that was given to the majority of the above categories.

Education Program for GT Students

This is not applicable, since TSBVI does not provide Gifted and Talented programming.


In addition to these ratings, TSBVI determined that it has met compliance with state reporting and policy requirements.

Parental rights transfer to a student when the student becomes age 18, unless the parent or someone else has been appointed legal guardian of the student.

Guardianship of an Adult Student

If an adult student has a legal guardian, that person has the responsibility for making decisions on behalf of the student. The guardian must ensure that TSBVI has on file current guardianship documentation. At annual registration, guardians will be asked to provide current legal documents if needed. Unless TSBVI has a current and valid court order granting guardianship, TSBVI will assume that no guardianship exists.

Power of Attorney by an Adult Student

TSBVI requires that each adult student without a guardian provide a signed and notarized Power of Attorney if the student is capable of doing so. In this document, the student designates someone as agent, such as a parent, who will have authority to act on the student’s behalf in making general, educational, and medical care decisions while the student attends TSBVI. The designated agent will have the right to make decisions or take actions for the student. TSBVI may contact or get assistance from the person, for example, if the student requires emergency medical care, if the student is unable to give consent for medical treatment, for signature on permission/authorization/release forms and/or if the student needs help in making other decisions. The student should ensure that the person designated as agent is able and willing to take on this responsibility. TSBVI will provide a Power of Attorney form for the adult student to use for this purpose.

Power of Attorney Form Regular Print
Power of Attorney Form Large Print
Power of Attorney Form Spanish
Power of Attorney Form for Braille (right-click link and select Save Link As to save file to desktop)

Other Document of Legal Authority

If an adult student does not have a guardian and is not capable of providing a Power of Attorney, TSBVI may provide the student’s parent or other responsible person with an Authorization Agreement for Voluntary Adult Caregiver form to use in designating a person to assist the student in decision-making. If no appropriate document of legal authority is provided and the parent or responsible person states that the student is a dependent for tax purposes/claimed on tax returns, TSBVI will assume that person has authority to make decision on behalf of the student.

Authorization Agreement for Voluntary Adult Caregiver
Authorization Agreement for Voluntary Adult Caregiver (Spanish)

Permissions and Consents

If TSBVI has been provided current and valid guardianship documentation, the guardian will be asked to sign permission and consent forms. If not, the adult student or the person with designated authority in the Power of Attorney or other document of legal authority will sign permissions and consent.

ARD Participation

At TSBVI, we encourage parents to continue to participate and support adult students in decision-making. TSBVI recognizes that parents usually have knowledge or special expertise regarding the student, so TSBVI will recommend to the student’s local school district that the student’s parents be notified and invited to all the student’s ARD meetings. Parents may not attend an ARD meeting unless invited by the adult student or school. The student, rather than the parent, will make decisions. Adult students should discuss concerns or questions regarding this arrangement with the student’s Assistant Principal.

Student Records

Federal law requires that, as soon as a student becomes 18 or is emancipated by a court, control of the records goes to the student. The parents may continue to have access to the records, however, if the student is a dependent for tax purposes.

Modifying the Visitor List

Unless there is a guardian, the adult student may modify the student’s visitor list at any time by notifying the Residential Instructor or Admissions Coordinator. When an adult student modifies the visitor list, the parent will be informed of the modification.

From the Texas Department of State Health Services - June, 2015

(Download Original Cover Letter)

(Download State Immunization Requirements)

Dear Parents/Guardians of Students in Texas Schools, Kindergarten through 12th Grade:

The purpose of this letter is to remind parents about the need for back-to-school immunizations and to provide immunization resource materials. In order to answer any questions you may have pertaining to vaccine requirements, enclosed are the latest Texas vaccine requirements for Texas school children: the 2015-2016 Texas Minimum State Vaccine Requirements for Students Grades K-12. There are no changes to the vaccines required from the previous school year.

Texas state law requires students attending school to be immunized against certain vaccine-preventable diseases. The Immunization Branch encourages you to get your child vaccinated early so as to avoid the end-of-summer vaccination rush. Getting your child vaccinated protects your child’s health and that of the community.

Students should get vaccines from their health-care provider. If necessary, please make an appointment to get your child vaccinated as soon as possible. Remember, students cannot go to school without the appropriate documentation for the required vaccines or a valid medical or conscientious exemption.

Should you have any questions about the recommended vaccines, please consult your health-care provider. You can also visit the Department of State Health Services (DSHS) website at or call the Immunization Branch customer service number at (800) 252-9152. Thank you for keeping your child immunized and free from vaccine-preventable diseases. We wish you a rewarding and productive 2015-2016 school year!


Kelly Patson
Immunization Branch Manager


9th: SAT [if requested]

17th: PSAT

22nd: TAKS ELA Exit Retest

23rd: TAKS Math Exit Retest

24th: TAKS Science Exit Retest

25th: TAKS Social Studies Exit Retest


6th: SAT [if requested]


3rd: EOC ENGI& ENGIII Writing

4th: EOC ENGI & ENGIII Reading

5th: EOC ENGII Writing

6th: EOC ENGII Reading


3rd-14th: EOC Assessment Window: EOC exams other than ENGI,II,III


7th: STAAR-Alternate window opens


4th: TAKS & TAKS-M Exit ELA; TAKS Exit ELA retest

5th: TAKS Math Exit retest

6th: TAKS Science Exit retest

7th: TAKS Social Studies Exit retest

18th: TELPAS window opens


1st: EOC ENGI & ENGIII Writing [Note: school holiday]

2nd: EOC ENGI & ENGIII Reading

Grades 4&7 Writing day 1

Grades 5&8 Math

3rd: EOC ENGII Writing

Grades 4&7 Writing day 2

Grades 5&8 Reading

4th: EOC ENGII Reading

5th: STAAR make-up tests for April 1st-4th

10th: TELPAS window closes—deadline for entering TELPAS assessments

19th: STAAR-Alternate window closes—deadline for entering STAAR-alternate data

22nd: TAKS ELA Exit Retest

23rd: Grades 3&4 Math

Grades 6&7 Math

TAKS & TAKS-M Exit Math; TAKS Exit Math retest

24th: Grades 3&4 Reading

Grades 6&7 Reading

Grades 5&8 Science

TAKS & TAKS-M Exit Science; TAKS Exit Science retest

25th: Grade 8 Social Studies

TAKS & TAKS-M Exit SocStu; TAKS Exit SocStu retest

26th: STAAR make-up tests for April 23rd-25th


6th-17th: EOC Assessment Window: EOC exams other than ENGI,II,III

14th: Grades 5&8 Math retest

15th: Grades 5&8 Reading retest

16th– 17th: Make-up exams for grades 5&8 Math and Reading


25th: Grades 5&8 Math retest

26th: Grades 5&8 Reading retest


8th – 11th: EOC ENGI,II,III Reading & Writing

TAKS Exit retests

8th – 19th: EOC Assessment Window: EOC exams other than ENGI,II,III

Early on Thursday January 19th, the TSBVI Wildcats made the long bus ride to Jackson, Mississippi to participate in the 2012 South Central Association of Schools for the Blind (SCASB) Wrestling, Cheer and Performing Arts Meet. 

Once there, the Wildcats made their presence known to the other schools participating.

The SCASB weekend kicked off with the Wildcat Choir, led by Jane Runquist, Yvette C., Jalisa T., Alisha M., Mohammed A., Cassandra J, Chiji I, Juan D., Emily N., Ian H., Amy F. and Isaac H., singing “You’ll Never Walk Alone” by Rogers and Hammerstein, “Fix You” by Coldplay and “Bright Morning Star” by Will Schmidt.  The Wildcat Classical Guitar Class: Isaac H., Ian H., Alex A. and Pedro “PJ” N. played “El Chinanti” by Travis Marcum.

However, the Wildcats also had the chance to display their physical talents on the gym floor when the Cheer and Wrestling portion of SCASB started.  The Wildcat Cheer Squad, coached by Tammy Reed and Melody Ballentine, Cierra M., Alexa O., Naomi G., Brittany W. and Sarai H., brought the entire crowd to their feet with a tremendous display of team spirit and energy that earned them a Second Place Trophy. 

The TSBVI Mascot, Kierra M., earned a Second Place award with a rousing “You Scream, I Scream, We All Scream for Ice Cream” routine!  And when competition on the mat started, the Wildcat Wrestling Team, coached by Mark Ramirez, John Castillo and Eric Pearson, proved they were up to the challenge as well. 

Amy F. earned Second Place at the 113lb Class.  Garion M. wrestling in the 120lb. Class, finished Third overall.  Pedro “PJ” N., wrestling in the 126lb. Class, took Second.  Isaac H.t, wrestling in the 132lb. Class, finished Fifth overall.  Zach Brown, competing in the 138lb. Class, wrestled his way to a Third Place finish.  Willie H. won the championship at the 160lb. Class.  Malik H., competing at the 220lb. division, took Second Place and Alex A. wrestled to a Championship at the 285lb. Class.  And as a team, the Wildcat Wrestlers earned a Second Place Trophy.

Overall, the TSBVI Wildcats displayed tremendous spirit, competitiveness and sportsmanship! 

Be proud of your Wildcats!

- Mark Ramirez


Tommie's discription of the picture: What I see in the picture is  two connected mirrors off of a bus.   The background is the sky. In the mirror you can see my teacher  Ms.Elliott and myself.   When you look at the image you can see distortion because it was a  bubble mirror. © 1999, Tommie Taylor

Portrait of the photographer

Hi my name is Tommie Taylor and I’m in a class at T.S.B.V.I. Called Vision Quest. Vision Quest is a class for low vision students. The day I took that image the assignment was reflection.

What I see in the picture is two connected mirrors off of a bus. The background is the sky. In the mirror you can see my teacher Ms. Elliott and myself. When you look at the image you can see distortion because it was a bubble mirror.

Through photography I can express myself and to me when you take a picture you capture a piece of time.

Tommie's photograph was entered into Photo Imaging Education Associations 1999 International Student-Teacher Photo Exhibit & Competition. Tommie was entered into the Grade 9 and Below Classification. Her digital image "Mirrors" won 1st place and will travel in an international exhibit for two years. We are very proud of Tommie! - Denise Elliott, Vision Quest Teacher

Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired

Austin, Texas

Maroon and Gold

 WildcatsA TSBVI Wildcat

Mark Ramirez, Wrestling Coach

Tammy Reed, Cheerleading Coach

Robert Pierson, Narrative Arts Teachers

Alabama Institute for the Deaf and Blind

Talladega, Alabama

Red and White 

Redskins An Alabama Redskin

Jack Klein, Wrestling Coach

Judy Williams, Cheerleading Coach


Louisiana School for the Visually Impaired

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Blue and Gold

Trojans A Louisiana Trojan

Bill Jackson, Wrestling Coach

Aleda Tullier, Cheerleading Coach

Mississippi School for the Blind

Jackson, Mississippi

Blue and White

Tigers Tiger

Randy Thompson, Eddie Spann & Walter Harper Wrestling Coaches

Yvonne Wall & Bettye Jones Cheerleading Coaches

New Mexico School for the Visually Handicapped

Alamogordo, New Mexico

Blue and Gold

Golden BearsA New Mexico Golden Bear

Robert King, Wrestling Coach 

Kelly King, Cheerleading Coach

Oklahoma School for the Blind

Muskogee, Oklahoma

Blue and White 

Panthers Oklahoma Panther

Rob Culie, Wrestling Coach

Tera Webb, Cheerleading Coach