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Title Published Date
Fact Sheet for Parent on the Texas DeafBlind Child Count 12 September 2016
Family Engagement for Families of Students with DeafBlindness 10 September 2014
Five Phases of Educational Treatment Used in Active Learning Based on Excerpts from Are You Blind? By Dr. Lilli Nielsen 16 February 2010
Formal Versus Informal Hearing Tests: What Is Functional Hearing? 25 March 2015
Formal Versus Informal Hearing Tests: What Is Functional Hearing? 05 March 2015
Frequently Requested Articles on Visual Impairments and Deafblindness 23 September 2010
Grandparenting a Deafblind Child 03 May 2010
Handsmatter 07 May 2013
Hearing Quick Check 06 January 2010
Hearling Quick Check 05 February 2016
Helping You and Your Child Get a Good Night's Sleep 01 September 2010
Home Talk: A Family Assessment of Children Who Are Deafblind 15 February 2010
How Well Can Your Child with Hearing Loss See? 15 February 2010
I Want You to Know: My Reflections on Publishing a Book 20 November 2015
IEP Quality Indicators for Students with DeafBlindness 05 February 2016
Incorporating Active Learning Theory into Activity Routines 25 February 2015
Infant - Preschool Services for Students with DeafBlindness 19 August 2014
Informal Functional Hearing Evaluation (IFHE) 20 November 2015
Informal Functional Hearing Evaluation (IFHE) 27 April 2017
Information About Usher Syndrome 17 September 2010