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SIMO - Simplified Information for Mobility & Orientation

Just in time for warmer weather and those planning trips beyond the states or even just some summer professional development reading, here are two items to keep you connected with all things related to orientation and mobility. **The International Journal of Orientation and Mobility (IJOM)** The International Journal of Orientation and Mobility (IJOM) has the 2012 Edition, as well as all other editions, available on their new web store.  The link is [] and you have the option of purchasing a downloadable version or a hard copy version; the downloadable is half the price and the hard copy is delivered from Australia and might take a bit to arrive.  **SIMO - Simplified Information for Mobility & Orientation** "The Simplified Information Mobility and Orientation (SIMO) Project has been running in full since 2008. The project involves the development of an indoor way-finding/navigation system in conjunction with people who are blind and...
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