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Using YouTube to Inspire Your Kid to LOVE the Long White Cane

As a mom, I am often blown away and overwhelmed by the realization that I play such a big role as my sons develop their own beliefs and attitudes as they become men.  Thankfully, it is a daily, moment by moment decision that takes a very, very long time to happen.  And thankfully, we also have the ability to stop from time to time and consider taking a different approach.  Maybe even a different philosophy.  As one of the family support gals with the TSBVI Outreach team, I get to call it my job doing what I love – supporting families and watching them lead us into some pretty awesome systems improvement.   I also spend some time away from TSBVI doing something else I’m pretty passionate about – teaching Orientation & Mobility (O&M) to adults.   There is something pretty cool about witnessing people become confident travelers, especially when you get to...
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