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Bring Your Boss to Work Week: November 5 - 9

One of the most common refrains among VI professionals is “I wish my supervisor knew what I was doing.”  In fact, in a recent survey on issues related to performance evaluations, the most common comment was “Ride with me, see what I do.” Again this year, TSBVI and TAER will partner to sponsor the Second Annual Bring Your Boss to Work Week, November 5-9. By encouraging your supervisor to spend a half-day with you will be able to increase his/her understanding of the scope of students and the range of their challenges and what it is like to be an itinerant VI professional. This experience can also provide you with a chance for informal and child-specific conversations about being an itinerant VI professional; about the importance of expanded core curriculum programming, professional development and a chance to demonstrate how VI-specific resources benefit students with visual impairments. In addition to the advantages...
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