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There's never been a better time to get Tactile!

We found this wonderful gem written by Jim Durkel before his death. APH has a wonderful new tool for orientation and mobility called Tactile Town.  Here  is the description taken from the APH Web site: "This kit assists in the development of cognitive mapping skills by helping students who are visually impaired and blind perceive and organize their physical environment specific to concepts such as street layouts, intersections, route patterns, city block arrangements, etc. It encourages active participation and interaction with displayed map layouts so that concepts and skills, not conveniently accessed through real-life exploration, can be learned and practiced." I have to admit I have a personal bias toward using Tactile Town as I was able to use it during the field testing phase.  The number of uses was huge at that time and it continues to grow.  I use the set with students of all ability levels, from those...
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New Information for Tactile Maps

In case you had not heard already, or have not had a chance to review it yet, The Braille Authority of North America (BANA) has finalized and published their Guidelines and Standards for Tactile Graphics.  It is now available on their Web site for download as a PDF and is an excellent resource in planning and producing tactile graphics for working with students and clients.  The direct link to the site is Of particular interest for orientation and mobility is Unit 8 that details considerations and strategies for maps tailored to the student's travel environment.  The initial Units of the document provide wonderful templates and other specific areas to consider for determining materials to be used and specifying the goal of the tactile graphic or map to ensure that the main goal of your work is adequately represented as the emphasis of the final product.  Also, immediately preceding the specific orientation...
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