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Scholarships for Space Camp

I am very excited to tell you about this amazing opportunity for students throughout the world.  In cooperation with Space Camp and SCIVIS, the St. Louis Lighthouse for the Blind is offering full scholarships and transportation assistance to children of unique cultural diversity to attend SCIVIS 2014. The link below will give you the details of the scholarship program.  Please send this out to all of your listserves and fellow professionals around the world.  SCIVIS 2014, our 25th Anniversary, should prove to be an exciting year!  Dan Oates, Coordinator Space Camp for Interested Visually Impaired Students (SCIVIS) SCIVIS videos are on You Tube! Sharon Nichols
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Testing for the pH Factor in Liquids using the LabQuest (1st Version)

This is a short four-part video demonstrating how students in a science lab at the Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired use the LabQuest equipment from Vernier Science .  They are finding the pH factor of four liquids: distilled water, tap water, milk and vinegar. The data collection device used in the experiment is the stand-alone LabQuest-Version 1.   LabQuest 1 is the only Vernier device that “accepts” the Sci-Voice scripting software.  With Sci-Voice installed, the LabQuest 1 device is able to voice the data.  This enables the student with a visual impairment to hear the incremental changes relative to time of any experiment that is recorded by a sensor probe used in conjunction with the LabQuest device.  Discerning the change in incremental findings of substances as they occur in real time is essential to laboratory experiments and data collection.   A pH sensor is plugged into one of the...
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Independence Science Access Blog

Back to school's always a mess.  One difficult problem involves Science, since participation depends on how accessible the labs and curriculum are for students with a visual impairment. So when you manage to get the accessible science lab equipment, then what, you then have to learn how to use the equipment, right?  Here is a link to the Independence Science Access Blog. Cary Supalo Ph.D. along with Dr. Greg Williams and the Independence Science researchers have developed lab safety and preparation videos to help a student and TVI become familiar with their lab environment.  Enjoy the  Independence Science Blog.
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