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Tactile Timer

image of tactile timer in useThese pictures depict a tactile timer to use in anticipatory routines. You can pair this with a kitchen timer that has the dial and rings when it's done. You would set the timer for 1-3 three minute intervals and each time it goes off, the student would pull a piece off of the tactile calendar and put it in a finished basket. When there are no more tactile strips on the timer the activity is finished. With this timer we are using strips of different textured material. You could also use ping pong balls velcroed to a piece of carpet, etc.... It's really the concept of anticipation and counting down to the end that you are trying to teach. [caption id="attachment_161" align="alignleft" width="150"] Tactile Timer in Use [caption id="attachment_160" align="alignleft" width="150"] Tactile Timer               Chris Montgomery Education Consultant Deafblind Outreach Texas School for the Blind...
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