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Cane Donations Needed for Haiti

I'm on my way to Haiti to work in the St. Vincent's School for Handicapped Children. They have 350 students, 90 of whom are blind. I am hoping to develop a solid O&M program while I am there...nothing is in place at the moment. The school is under the auspices of the Episcopalian Church and is still trying to rebuild and regroup from that horrible earthquake two years ago. They lost buildings, students, and some teachers to that disaster. If you can help, with funds to purchase new canes, or have old canes hanging around that you are not using, could you direct them to me: Susan Culp, CTVI in New Mexico, and soon-to-be licensed COMS I am leaving from my sister's house in New Jersey on January 10th: Address for greatly appreciated donations: Susan Culp c/o Pattie Lyons, COMS 55 Rivers Edge Drive Little Silver, New Jersey 07739 Thanks in advance.
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New Feature on Ambutech Canes

If you have ordered a new Ambutech cane recently you will likely be surprised to find a new feature when changing your cane tip.  Ambutech is now including a Cordlock device with all canes that use the hook style tip.  Previously when changing a tip you had to be careful to hold the cord so that it would not release back into the cane shaft after being pulled out as the tip was removed.  Many people would place a pencil or pen between the knot on the cord at the loop and the cane shaft to make replacing the hook style tip a bit easier, and then remove it after the new tip was installed so the cord and tip could be drawn back into the shaft of the cane.  The challenge with this approach was that a pen or pencil was not always nearby when changing a tip and using...
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iGlasses Mobility Aid

From the Ambutech website: AmbuTech and RNIB are proud to announce a new affordable electronic travel aid solution for head and upper body protection. The iGlasses™ Ultrasonic Mobility Aid is a head-mounted device which enables more informed, confident, and efficient pedestrian travel. Objects in your path are detected by the ultrasonic sensors and communicated via gentle vibrations. As obstacles get nearer the frequency of the vibration will increase. The device is intended as a secondary mobility device to complement the traditional long cane or guide dog.
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