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College Success Program

Learning Ally has been piloting a program where we offer access to online resources, mentors who have graduated successfully from an undergraduate degree and are now pursuing post graduate degrees.  This program is for students who are blind or visually impaired and are feeling the need for some support in college.  We match them according to standards that include, among other things: visual acuity and field of study.  Our mentors are located across the country, have undergone mentor training and are monitored by our staff to keep a feedback loop to staff between what students need and what we are providing.I am the Director for this program and have been the developer of the mentor program.  Our content and curriculum was stewarded by Kristen Witucki, who is a TVI as well as holding several advanced degrees in creative writing.  We have been fortunate to have access to an Advisory Panel that...
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Learning Ally Audiobook Manager

For everyone, myself included, who has tried and failed to download and transfer books from Learning Ally there are now tutorials on their website to help. The tutorials cover online bookshelf, audiobook manager and legacy audiobook manager. The tutorials are in audio podcast and text format. Learning Ally. Have a look and finally figure out how to load that book on your device or computer. Sharon Nichols Outreach Assistive Technology Consultant
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