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Do you have the time?

Each year when a new school year begins, time becomes a topic in every conversation. You might hear the following phrases from teachers, administrators, students and parents: time management, not enough time in the day, time to get up, time to go to bed and from VI teachers, so many students, so little time.  We all have our favorite technology solutions to save us time, emails, voice mails, smart phones, notebooks, e-readers etc. Our students are taught technology to access information quickly,  increase their time management and productivity.  But what about our students who need more processing time? How do we slow down to allow them the time they need? How do we stay quiet and wait for them to learn?  Lilli Nielsen, Barbara Miles and Jan Van Dijk’s teaching strategies suggest they we take the time to become better observers of our students with unique processing and idiosyncratic communication patterns....
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Interaction and Bonding

Interaction that naturally occurs between infants and their parents may not occur with the same frequency when a child is born with multiple disabilities because of factors such as prolonged hospital stays, medical needs, and the strain of adjusting to having a child with multiple disabilities.  These interactions are integral to emotional and cognitive development, and may need to be provided by instructional staff during the child's educational career. In searching for more information on this topic, I came across "Parent–Infant Synchrony:Biological Foundations and Developmental Outcomes" by Ruth Feldman. This article provides a summary of research that supports strategies for teachers to use to address the needs of children with severe to profound impairments. Further training on these strategies can be found in the Interaction and Bonding section of "Communication for Children with Deafblindness, or Visual and Multiple Impairments.
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CVI Webcast from Perkins School for the Blind

If you haven't checked out Perkins new video webcast on CVI, you should.  I really thought this webcast did a great job of explaining the basics of CVI and offering strategies.  I could see TVIs and COMS using this with other educational staff, parents and administrators who need to understand some of the basics of Cortical Visual Impairments.  Another great product from Perkins! Perkins CVI webcast
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