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It Bugs Me Game

bugs me game 1 150x150Created by Chrissy Cowan, TSBVI Outreach, and Cindy Bachofer, TSBVI Short Term Programs The It Bugs Me game is a self-advocacy activity we created for a group of elementary-aged students with low vision participating in a TSBVI Short Term program called Low Vision Tools and Strategies.  The objective of the game is for students to role play verbal responses they could use with people who may sometimes make insensitive remarks about an individual’s vision, appearance of the eyes, or visual adaptations, or in situations where they feel others don’t understand their abilities.  An individual student draws a card with a situation explained and the student reads the card to the group.  Each card begins with the stem, “It bugs me when….”.  (see photos 1 and 2) For example, “It bugs me when I’m reading an overhead menu with my telescope in a restaurant and the person behind me tells me to...
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