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Cane Quest in Austin!

The first ever Cane Quest in Austin will be held on Saturday, May 19th.  It is a collaborative project sponsored by ESC XIII and TSBVI Outreach and School; the event's purpose is to applaud our students' commitment to continuing to grow in developing their O&M skills.  As such, it is not expected that students will have reached their highest efficiency level to participate.  The basic criteria:  students in grades 9 - 12, 20/600 or less in the better eye with correction, has had training in the areas of residential, business, city bus, escalators, stairs, and soliciting assistance,  and use of human guide is not the primary mode of travel when in community settings.  Students will be monitored by O&M specialists, and there will be a distance learning Cane Quest Q and A in the fall (date TBA). Any questions can be directed to: Diane Barnes, ESC XIII O&M Consultant 5701 Springdale Road, Austin TX 78723 512.919-5331 Additional Details for Cane Quest...
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Braille Institute IPhone/IPad App for Vision Simulations

At the recent SWOMA Conference a teacher shared a great app from the Braille Institute that show vision simulations.  Vision simulations are nothing new, but this one let you point your camera on your phone or IPad and see a vision simulation of a real-time scene.  Using touch-screen controls, the user can select one of the four simulators to replicate the symptoms of that particular disease. The application uses the device camera to allow the user to see the world through digital filters simulating the symptoms and experience of the disease. Using sliding touch-screen controls, the user can manipulate the severity of the symptoms. The real-time still images can be saved by the camera and stored for later review in the image gallery, or to be shared. Check out this free app at the Braille Institute. Kate Hurst Statewide Staff Development Coordinator Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired
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