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Help Members Read with Bookshare Web Reader

Bookshare Web Reader, previously available only to Individual Members, is now available to students and other Organizational Members. Sponsors can help members read independently by following these steps: Log in to your Bookshare account. Set a login for your member. Assign books to a shared Reading List. After completing these steps, your member can log in on their own and read books independently. Learn more by attending an upcoming webinar. Bookshare website:  
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Accessible Books for Texas

Most of you already know about this, but if you don't here a link to a website that explains the partnership between the State of Texas and Bookshare.  The original focus of the the project is to educate educators on digital talking books, who qualifies for services, and how to obtain these books.   There are three outreach coordinators hired by Benetech (parent company of Bookshare) assigned to serve various ESC regions.  If need help with Bookshare issues this might be a good place to start finding answers to questions you might have.  Hope you find it useful. Patrick Van Geem, TVI Assistive Technology Consultant
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Accessible Instructional Materials (AIM)

As the school year begins, families of students who have difficulty using typical printed instructional materials effectively often have concerns and questions about "accessible instructional materials" and if those materials could be needed by their children. The August back-to-school edition of the AIM Connector highlighted resources that address questions frequently asked by families at the start of school. Access the AIM Factsheet for Families AIM Basics for Families (2011). This booklet, available in English and Spanish, will help you and other members of your child's Individualized Education Program (IEP) team decide whether the student needs AIM, what type of specialized format the student needs, how to access the materials for the student, and what supports the student needs to use AIM. AIM: A Technical Guide for Families and Advocates (2011). This guide Includes background information on AIM provisions in IDEA, definitions of terms, a thorough description of the decision-making process for AIM, and where...
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