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Alliance of and for Visually Impaired Texans

Alliance of and for Visually Impaired Texans – Information about their listserv: The 83rd Session of the Texas Legislature begins January 8, 2013 and ends May 27, 2013.  The Alliance of and for Texans (AVIT) is trying to grow its email listserv to ensure fast notification to those interested in its upcoming legislative efforts. Many legislative actions have very short notice, so fast communication is critical. This AVIT Listserv will be the primary means of sending information related to a bill AVIT is working on requiring O&M evaluations for all students being considered for eligibility as visually impaired.    Sometimes we have less than 24 hours notice that an action is about to occur.  In addition, the AVIT Listserv provides a way to communicate on a variety of issues related to consumers and professionals who are visually impaired, blind, or deafblind. If you would like to be added to the AVIT Listserv, please...
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