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Apps for Independence in the Community and Orientation and Mobility

Apps for Independence in the Community and Orientation and Mobility I have a penchant for buying apps to check which work best for various activities. Here are a few favorites that are either specifically designed for blind or visually impaired users, or are apps that work well with VoiceOver. Many are multiplatform and available on iOS via the Apple Store, Android via Google Play, and Windows Phone via Windows Phone Store. GPS Apps: Apple Maps and Siri (built in iOS app, free) Apple Maps is built into iOS devices and can provide spoken location information and pedestrian directions, but it needs to tie into other apps to provide routing directions that involve public transportation Google Maps with Google Now and Talkback (free) Can provide location and directions with spoken information [] [] BlindSquare Terrific GPS app that is tailored to travlers who are blind and visually impaired. It integrates with other...
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iPad Calculator Apps and the Order of Operation

calculator thumbnailWhen deciding on a calculator app for students with visual impairments, you have to consider a few features.  Some of the considerations are: Size of the numbers and operations on the keys (for low vision users) Color contrast between the keys and background Reflow resolution when using Zoom (screen magnification feature) How well it works with VoiceOver for users needing screen readers That is all good if you are keeping this in mind, but here is just one more glitch concerning calculator apps.  It's called "Order of Operation".  So what does this mean? A math problem that does not have any parenthesis in the equation yet contains addition and multiplication operations, the order of operation rule states that the multiplication operation is solved first before addition. Huh? Let's take a math problem like 2+3x4=n.  If you solve this problem from left to right, the answer will be 20.  If you solve...
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