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We are excited to announce the continuation of TSBVI Outreach Coffee Hour!

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Looking for some PD Time? Need a chance to visit with colleagues?

Please join members of our Outreach team in discussing topics related to supporting students and families of students with visual impairments or who are deafblind.

TSBVI Outreach Coffee Hour happens on Mondays at 3:00 PM (CDT) and Thursdays at 12:00 PM (CDT) starting on August 24th, 2020. 

Captioning will be provided, if you need anything else, please email Kaycee Bennett at . Some logistics will be different this time around, but you can expect the same commitment to providing information, discussion, and collaboration on topics important to students who are blind, visually impaired, or deafblind, including CVI, Active Learning, distance strategies, and family engagement.

Here are some important details:

1. Coffee Hour sessions happen every week on Mondays at 3:00 pm (CDT) and Thursdays at noon (CDT), starting on August 24th.

2. Registration is required for each session. This means that CEUs are available! Registration links can be found in the schedule on this page.

    (You must have an account in our ESC-Works system to register for the Coffee Hour sessions. If you do not have an account, you can set one up here.)

3. Zoom links will be provided for each session. So again, please make sure you register!

Fall/Winter 2020 Schedule

October 1st: 

 Introduction to the Chromebook Cecilia Robinson & Bruce McClanahan, AT Specialist, Washington State School for the Blind

Learn about Chromebook's built-in accessibility support for students with visual impairments. Acquire tips and resources in this session.

Registration is open until 11:30 AM Central Time, October 1st. Enroll Now.

 October 5th:

Distance Considerations for Birth to 3 - With Karen Borg

This presentation will cover survival knowledge of Part C regulations for providers new to Part C with new referrals. It will also give immediately useable strategies for operating in the Early Intervention world virtually, including building a rapport, assessing and designing instructional plans, and conducting virtual home visits.

Registration is open until 11:30 AM Central Time, October 5th. Enroll Now.

 October 15th:

VoiceOver on iOS-Intermediate Level - With Carrie Farraje

Learn VoiceOver gestures and navigation for intermediate users.

Registration is open until 11:30 AM Central Time, October 15th. Enroll Now.

 October 19th:

Progression of Tactile Learning: A Developmental Checklist - With Scott Baltisburger and Sara Kitchen

The Progression of Tactile Learning is currently in development at TSBVI. It is a checklist designed to help teachers create a “Tactile Profile” for students with visual impairment who are struggling with the acquisition of tactile skills and/or have not made expected progress. This information will assist in developing instruction that targets specific individual needs in that area. Participants will have the opportunity to review and comment on the PTL and we welcome your input!

Registration is open until 11:30 AM Central Time, October 19th. Enroll Now.

October 22nd:

What's happening in TSBVI's Short-Term Programs?

Please join us to hear how we are managing the challenges and the opportunities found in remote learning with students!

Registration is open until 11:30 AM Central Time, October 22nd. Enroll Now.

 October: 26th:

Taking the Angst out of Literacy Media Decisions - Spoiler Alert: It's Not Either/Or - With Kathi Garza and Chrissy Cowan

This session focuses on the selection of appropriate literacy media by providing information on the laws related to literacy media decisions for students with a visual impairment, the components for thorough and rigorous literacy media evaluations, and the intricacies of print, braille, and auditory media. Participants will be introduced to the concept of a “customized literacy access plan” with guidance on how to create one for your students and instructional team.

Registration is open until 11:30 AM Central Time, October 26th. Enroll Now.

 October 29th:

CVI: An Approach to Learning Media Assessments - With Christine Roman-Lantzy

This presentation will introduce participants to an approach to learning media assessment for students who have CVI. An Approach to Sensory Balance (Roman Lantzy & Tietjen, 2020) was developed to address the needs of learners who have visual impairment that is associated with improving functional vision and is thus, distinctly different from most ocular causes of visual impairment. The session will include a rationale for use of the Sensory Balance method and examples of the methods used across Phase I-III.

Registration is open until 11:30 AM Central Time, October 29th. Enroll Now. 

November 2nd:

Breathing Through Remote Learning: For Families with Students who are DeafBlind and/or have Multiple Disabilities with Sarah Steele and Julie Lemman

Julie and Sarah have worked remotely with students who are DeafBlind and students with multiple disabilities. They will share their insights and strategies for family engagement, social-emotional support, and developing social skills in a remote setting.

Registration is open until 2:30 PM Central Time, November 2nd. Enroll Now.

November 9th:

Expanded Core on the Digital Platform: Ideas for using mainstream education technology for Expanded Core Lessons & Activities with Robbin Keating-Clark

Education technology (aka Ed-Tech) has a lot of power for hosting effective Expanded Core lessons & activities. Check out how you can use popular ed tech for Expanded Core instruction. I'll give you a list of different platforms, apps and ideas for instruction.

Registration is open until 2:30 PM Central Time, November 9th. Enroll Now.

November 12th:

Self-care and Family Engagement with Bill Brown

Presented in conjunction with the Western Regional Early Intervention Conference (WREIC): The importance of self-care is frequently underestimated. Given current circumstances, self-care has become even more critical. One of the benefits of self-care is increased capacity to engage families at a higher level than in the past. With the possible movement back and forth between in-person learning and remote learning, family engagement has become even more critical to promote academic success. This presentation will focus on self-care strategies to manage stress and family engagement strategies to building connection, incorporating SEL (Social Emotional Learning) and behavioral support into the home environment.

Registration is open until 10:30 AM Central Time, November 12th. Enroll Now.

November 16th:

Cooking Through Zoom with Kodie Nagy-Montgomery

The Zoom based Nutrition and Wellness classes focus on helping students familiarize themselves with their home kitchen spaces, safely solving issues that arise, and practicing as many hands-on cooking strategies as possible, with caregiver guidance. These classes are designed to help students explore and break down the basic concepts/skills needed to be more successful in both the home and various work environments.

Registration is open until 2:30 PM Central Time, November 16th. Enroll Now.

November 19th:

Active Learning - Equipment with Charlotte Cushman and Kate Hurst

Learn more about how to select Active Learning equipment to match your student's goals and learning needs.

Registration is open until 11:30 AM Central Time, November 19th. Enroll Now.

November 30th:

The Power of Choice with Marina McCormick

Attend this one-hour session to learn more about the coach-client dynamic. Explore research-based practices that focus on keeping your client in the driver's seat as you work together to improve student outcomes.

Registration is open until 2:30 PM Central Time, November 30th. Enroll Now.

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