Accessibility Webinars

If you’re new to the world of accessibility, it can be overwhelming to get started. Here is a collection of webinars that are helpful for new staff or professionals in the VI world.

These webinars provide a good introduction to accessibility and computers.

Accessible Instructional Materials: What TVIs Need to Know

Learn about the importance of accessible instructional materials for students with visual impairments. Use a process and decision-making tools to ensure that educational and classroom materials are accessible and usable for every student on your caseload. Resources, including promising practices, will be shared.

Creating Accessible Documents: An Introduction

It’s easy to create documents that are visually appealing and accessible using the styling and formatting tools built into Microsoft Word or other word processors. TSBVI Accessibility Coordinator, Jim Allan shows you how to add the essential structure to make a Word document accessible; one that can be read and searched with a screen reader, such as JAWS, converted into braille or a PDF, or posted to the web in html format.

Low Vision Solutions for Computer Tasks

Options for computer access for users with low vision continue to increase in the digital age. Numerous features to customize your screen view are now available along with the more familiar screen enlarging software. A comparison of easily available choices for a range of computer and web-based tasks will be highlighted.

Navigating the Web with Screen Readers: It's More than Arrow and Tab Keys

Learn the basics of navigating webpages with Jaws, NVDA, and Safari. Its more than arrow and tab keys!

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