Accessibility Resources

A collection of accessibility resources for staff and beyond. New resources added frequently.

Accessibility Webinars

If you’re new to the world of accessibility, it can be overwhelming to get started. Here is a collection of webinars that are helpful for new staff or professionals in the VI world.

HTML Accessibility Fundamentals

Learn the basics for creating accessible forms and tables with HTML.

Specific Eye Conditions

Learn about specific eye conditions and their educational implications.

Vision Syndromes

Learn about almost 40 syndromes that impact vision, some of which impact hearing as well.

Tactile Symbols Library

Tactile symbols are concrete representations developed for individuals who are totally blind or function as if they were totally blind and who have a practical need for a graphic language system.

Braille and ASL Specialty Fonts

Sometimes it is useful to produce printed materials with Braille or Sign Language Fonts. This page serves as a resource of free fonts.

A pair of hands using braille to read
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