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The Superintendent may adopt rules concerning the operation and parking of vehicles on school property.   Education Code 37.102(a)


A law or ordinance regulating traffic on a public highway or street applies to the operation of a vehicle on school property, except as modified by Education Code, Chapter 37, Subchapter D (pertaining to protection of buildings and grounds).  Furthermore, no persons shall be allowed to park a vehicle on school property, except in the manner provided by the Superintendent, and in the spaces which have been designated and marked; nor shall any person be allowed to block, or impede, traffic through any driveway of such property.  Education Code 37.102(b)


The Superintendent or his designee may restrict access to the campus as deemed necessary for security or safety purposes.


The Superintendent may provide for the issuance and use of suitable vehicle registration and identification insignia.  The Superintendent may bar or suspend a person from driving or parking a vehicle on school property as a result of the person’s violation of any rule adopted by the Superintendent or of Education Code, Chapter 37, Subchapter D.  Reinstatement of the privileges may be permitted and a reasonable fee assessed.  Education Code 37.106


At the Superintendent’s or his designee’s discretion, unauthorized vehicles or vehicles parked in no parking zones or emergency vehicle zones may be towed at the owner’s expense.

Adopted:         3/12/82

Amended:       1/14/83, 9/27/96, 1/31/03, 11/19/10, 8/7/15, 11/16/18

Reviewed:       11/19/93, 1/24/02