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The Superintendent is authorized, but not required, to enter into bonding agreements with an insurance company authorized to do business in Texas for a surety bond only if:

  1. required by the constitution of the state or by federal law or regulation;
  2. required by court order; or
  3. approved by the State Office of Risk Management.

State Employee Bonding Act; Tx. Gov't. Code 653.004(a)


Unless the amount of bond coverage is established as provided by 1 or 2 above, the State Office of Risk Management shall determine the necessary scope and amount of bond coverage for the School.


In the event the School purchases a surety bond, the provisions of Texas Government Code Chapter 653 shall apply to all terms and conditions of the bond.

Adopted: 1/11/80

Amended: 3/12/82, 1/14/83, 3/27/92, 3/25/94, 1/23/98, 3/21/03