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Help Downloading and Embossing Files

In the card catalog braille book files are available in some or all of the following formats

You can search by book title and/or extension (abt, brf, dxb); or program name - Duxbury, Braille2000; "contracted" or "uncontracted"

Guide to Files and Extensions

Saving braille files

  1. Click on the link that states the type of braille and format (e.g. Braille2000 (ABT) - uncontracted Braille)
  2. ABT, DXB, and MEG files will automatically download to your default download folder, with the following filename format
    1. - contracted braille in .xxx format
    2. - uncontracted braille in .xxx format
    3. UEB uncontracted braille in .xxx format
    4. - UEB contracted braille in .xxx format
    5. Available format extensions (.xxx) are:
      1. .abt - Edit-PC or Braille2000 files
      2. .dxb - Duxbury files
      3. .meg - Megadots files
  3. BRF files will open in a new tab in the browser. It will look like gibberish. IT'S OK!
    1. Right click on the page
    2. A menu will open
    3. If using Internet Explorer, choose "save target as". If you are using Firefox and others, choose "save link as" or "save as"
    4. Be sure to give it book a name with an extension (brf). The default is "View eBook". EXAMPLE: dogs.brf
    5. In the Save as type: box choose "All Files"
    6. You can designate the directory where you would like the file saved. One choice would be "My Documents"

Embossing Braille Files

  1. If you are using Duxbury to emboss a .brf file you must do the following:
    1. open Duxbury
    2. open the GLOBAL menu
    3. select "Formatted Braille Importer..."
    4. check the box at the top called "Read formatted braille without interpretation"
    5. then inport the brf file.
    6. Sometimes Duxbury will display a warning box "page depth exceeded" or "page width exceeded" these come with an "ok" button. Just select "OK". Duxbury is telling you that the page length or line length of the brf file is larger than your current settings in Duxbury. Usually it has little if any effect on the embossed product.
  2. If you have a Braille2000 (.abt), Duxbury (.dxb), or MegaDots (.meg) file, you can open their respective file formats. All of the will open .brf files. Use your preferred program to emboss the files.

Further reproduction or distribution of these materials in other than specialized format is prohibited.

The books below are NOT proofread for content or formatting. They have been voluntarily given to the school and are presented as is for your use.

If you correct or clean-up any of the books, please send the corrected file to All braille readers will thank you!!!

Many THANKS!!! to the volunteer teachers, braillists and others who send the book files, scan, direct enter, format, convert, etc., etc., so students can have dots under their fingers. They are truly unsung HEROES.

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