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NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that a regular meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired shall be held on August 9, 2019 beginning at
8:00 a.m. in the Board Meeting Room of the Administration Building, 1100 West 45th Street, Austin, Texas.

If, during the course of the meeting, any discussion of any item on the agenda should be held in closed session, the Board shall convene in such closed session in accordance with Texas Government Code, Sec. 551.071, .072, .073, .074, .076, .082, .0821, .083, .084, or .089. Before any such session is convened, the presiding officer shall publicly identify the section or sections of the Code authorizing the closed session. All final votes, actions, or decisions shall be taken in open session.

The subjects to be discussed or considered, or upon which any formal action may be taken, are as follows (items do not have to be taken in the same order as shown on this meeting notice):

for August 9, 2019 Meeting


1.    Call to Order

2.     Introduction of Board Members and Audience

3.     Public Comments/Open Forum

4.     Report from Personnel Committee (Mary Alexander)

a. Recommendation for new internal auditor

5.     Selection of New Internal Auditor (Joseph Muniz)

6.     Consideration of Salary and Start Date for TSBVI’s Internal Auditor (Joseph Muniz)

7.     Consideration of Approval of Minutes of May 31, 2019 Board Meeting (Joseph Muniz), pages 3-11

8.     Consideration of Approval of Operating Budget and Personnel Budget for 2019-2020 (Pam Darden), page 12

9.     Consideration of Approval to Transfer Funds between Budget Codes (Pam Darden), page 13

10.    Discussion and/or Consideration of Approval to Lease Oil and Gas Rights on Brazos County Land Tracts to WildHorse Resources Management and Delegation of Signature Authority to Superintendent or Board President (Susan Morrison)

11.    Consideration of Approval of New Contract Staff (Emily Coleman), page 14

12.    Consideration of Approval of Keeping Firearms in the Superintendent’s Residence (Joseph Muniz), pages 15-16

13.   Consideration of Approval of Board Policies (Joseph Muniz), pages 17-118

CPC (TSBVI) Office Management: Records Management Program (amend), pages 21-24
DBDA (TSBVI) Conflict of Interest: Dual Employment (amend), pages 25-26
EHAD (TSBVI) Basic Instructional Program: Elective Instruction (amend), pages 27-28
EHDE (TSBVI) Alternative Methods for Learning Credit: Distance Learning (amend), pages 29-38
EI (TSBVI) Academic Achievement (amend), pages 39-44
EIE (TSBVI) Academic Achievement: Retention and Promotion (amend), pages 45-55
EIF (TSBVI) Academic Achievement: Graduation (amend), pages 56-67
FFG (TSBVI) Student Welfare: Child Abuse, Neglect, Exploitation, and Improper Child Care Incidents (amend), pages 68-76
FM (TSBVI) Student Activities (amend), pages 77-86
FNC Student Rights and Responsibilities: Student Conduct (amend), page 87
FNCD Student Conduct: Tobacco Use and Possession (amend), page 88
FNCF Student Conduct: Alcohol and Drug Use (amend), pages 89-91
FNCF-E Student Activities: Contests and Competitions (delete), page 92
FNG (TSBVI) Student Rights and Responsibilities: Student and Parent Complaints/Grievances (amend), pages 93-103
FOA (TSBVI) Placement in Alternative Educational Setting: Removal by Teacher (amend), pages 104-106
GKA (TSBVI) Community Relations: Conduct on School Premises (amend), pages 107-118

14.    Report on Memorandum of Understanding Template with Local ISDs (Susan Morrison)

15.    Consideration of Approval of TASB Delegate and Alternate (Joseph Muniz), page 119

16.    Consideration of Future Board Meeting Topics and Training Sessions (Joseph Muniz)

17.    Announcements

18.    Adjournment