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The Superintendent shall establish a procedure under which meetings are held regularly by the Schoolwide Planning and Decision-making Committee (the Instructional Planning Council – the IPC) that includes representative professional staff, parents of students enrolled in the School, business representatives, and community members.  The Board or Superintendent shall periodically meet with the Schoolwide Committee to review the Schoolwide Committee's deliberations.  Education Code 11.251(b)

The Board shall ensure that the Schoolwide planning and decision-making committee will be actively involved in establishing the administrative procedure that defines the respective roles and responsibilities pertaining to planning and decision-making.  Education Code 11.251(d)


The Superintendent shall appoint the chairperson(s) of the Committee from among its members.  The Superintendent has appointed the Principal of Comprehensive Programs as chairperson of the Committee.  


The School shall adopt a procedure, similar to Education Code 11.251(c), for TSBVI professional staff to volunteer to serve on the Schoolwide Committee.  At least two-thirds of the professional staff representatives must be classroom teachers.  The remaining professional staff representatives shall include schoolwide level professional staff members.  Additional members shall include, at a minimum, paraprofessional staff including residential staff, principals, residential directors, and the Curriculum Coordinator. 


TSBVI seeks input in School improvement planning through:

  1. annual surveys of parents and referring school districts of students enrolled in Comprehensive Programs and in school-year Short-Term Programs and Summer Programs;
  2. annual surveys of TSBVI graduates;
  3. surveys of parents and school districts where students transitioned from TSBVI;
  4. surveys of professionals, paraprofessionals and parents who received services through TSBVI’s Outreach Program;
  5. inviting parents and community members to attend annual public meetings of the Board and of the Instructional Planning Council to provide feedback on:
    1. the Annual Report that provides information on how well the School achieved its performance objectives in the past year; and
    2. needs assessments and proposed action plans for the next school year for the following year’s Annual Improvement Plan.
  6. participating in statewide advisory groups focusing on services for students with visual impairments, blindness, and DeafBlindness.


The School shall have a Schoolwide Improvement Plan that is developed, evaluated, and revised annually, in accordance with School policy, by the Superintendent, with the assistance of the Schoolwide Committee.  The purpose of the Schoolwide Improvement Plan is to guide the School in the improvement of student performance for all student groups in order to attain state standards in respect to the indicators of quality of learning similar to the intent of  Education Code 11.252(a) but reflecting the School’s MOU with the Texas Education Agency.   [See BQ for content of the Schoolwide Improvement Plan]


The Superintendent shall regularly consult the Schoolwide Committee in the planning, operation, supervision, and evaluation of the School's educational program.  The Schoolwide Committee shall assist the Superintendent with the annual development, evaluation and revision of the Improvement Plan.


The Schoolwide Committee established under Education Code 11.251 shall hold at least one public meeting per year.  The required meeting shall be held after receipt of the annual School performance report from the Texas Education Agency for the purpose of discussing the performance of the School and the School performance objectives.  The School’s Site-Based Decision Making Plan shall ensure that systematic communications measures are in place to periodically obtain broad-based community, parent, and staff input and to provide information to those persons regarding the recommendations of the Schoolwide Committee.  This does not create a new cause of action or require collective bargaining.  Education Code 11.252(e)


For staff development under Education Code 21.451(a), TSBVI may use Schoolwide staff development developed and approved through the Schoolwide decision process.  Education Code 21.451(c) [See DMA]

Note: See BF for information on the committee’s role in requesting waivers.

Adopted:         5/30/91

Amended:       9/27/91, 9/25/92, /26/96, 11/14/97, 1/26/99, 1/24/02, 11/19/04, 5/31/19