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So I hope you will understand every single thing and every single sculpture I try to describe, to tell and to show you. If you want to come to Ms. Elliott's class to feel or to see my sculpture, me and my teacher Ms. Elliott always waiting and open the door to you to come here. I hope you will like and enjoy my sculpture. I hope my sculpture will give you a good time and good luck. This is my second year working on sculpture. Please let me know and give me your idea and give me your discussion. I am happy to need your idea or discussion, because in the future I will continue working with my sculpture. Please give me more believe I can do it. Ladies and gentlemen, thank you very much for your time to look and to read on the Internet.


About the Artist

The Sculptures

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"Pig in a cage"

The reason I made the pig in a cage was because I feel it is very fun and I think it looks very cute. I like pig too. So that's why I made pig in a cage.

"Rooster Fighting"

I like roosters a lot. It is very neat and cute animal .You can use rooster to fight for you and make money. At my country they did use rooster for fight by money. The rooster is very good to eat. Most people like to eat chicken or rooster. So I think it is very good and very funny to make a sculpture rooster.

"Cat playing with a Ball"

Cat is a neat animal. I think that most people like cat, some people didn't. Children like to play with cat. Cat is fun animal but not big cat. You see this cat; it is not big at all, right? The children like to play with a small cat; small cat is fun to play with. So it give me an idea to sculpture a small cat playing with a ball and sitting on a chair. I hope the children will like my little funny cat when they see it. So that was just some reasons I did sculpture of a cat sitting on a chair playing with a ball.

Dog Eating

Dog eating, what do you think when you see the dog eating? Do you think it is fun? I think so. For us, to hard if we want to feel the dog eating. It is very hard, because when the dog is eating we can't come to close. It will bite us if we come to close when it's eating. So for that, I made a clay dog sculpture, eating. The people can feel what the dogs eating is like. Another reason, I made the dogs eating was because the dogs are popular animal. All people like dogs. Dogs can help you to keep your house safe and I like dogs too. So that is why I made dogs eating, and I think it is funny.

Visually Impaired Dog eating with a bone

What do you think when you see or feel the visually impaired dog eating a bone. A dog wearing eyeglasses and eating a bone. I call visually impaired dog. Do you think this is fun and do you think it looks cute when the dog wears eyeglasses? For us, I believe we never feel the dog with eyeglasses on and eating a bone. I can think and I can make the dog with eyeglasses and eating a bone because I use my mind eyes. I believe you know what the mind eye means and you know what I mean. I hope you will have a change to feel or to see my visually impaired dog eating with a bone. I hope you can tell what is it like and will have or enjoy after you see it. I hope my sculpture will give you a good time. The last thing I would like to say about the visually impaired dog eating with a bone is people can be visually impaired how come the animal can not be visually, right? I knew the people like dogs a lot, guess what, me too. This why, I made the visually impaired dog eating with a bone.

Dog driving a car

Have you heard or felt a dog driving a car before? If you did, do you think it is funny? For me I think so. If you have not heard or feel before, this is your chance to. I made out of clay a sculpture of dog driving a car. I hope the people have never heard or feel before you can feel my sculpture now. Dog driving a car is popular thing I think, because how come a dog can drive a car. People drive a car of course, but this is a dog, a dog driving a car. Do you think it is funny? Do you think the dog looks nice or cute when sitting on a car? I think so, I think it is fun. I like to make something that is fun. Dogs can do things that people do too. That why I made a dog driving a car.

Puppies playing on the playground

I never see or feel the puppies play on the playground before, what about you? Have you see or feel it before? Can you imagine the puppies they know how to play on the playground? Do you think they know how to push themselves? I think you never see or feel the puppies sitting on the playground before, it is right? Another reason is I like to make something like us. I mean the things we can do and something else or animals can do too.

Wild Horse

I like horse a lot; I like to ride a horse. Horse is fun and made me feel good when I sit on it or ride it. Horse is big animal and it very helpful for the people. It can help you to get one place to other place with out a car. A long time ago, we don't have any transportation. So we just ride a horse or cow. This horse call wild horse, the reason I called Wild horse because a long time ago we have a lot of horses. Many horses ran away and most have been kill because most people must dead or ran away from horse and can not take care of them in the war. I know this is terrible thing to happen. So that is why I called wild horse and I like to made a horse.

Winnie Horse

Do you see the wild horse different than Winnie horse? The Winnie horse I worked on longer than the wild horse, because the Winnie horse I build more muscle on it. The tail is different then wild tail. So this two horses are completely different. The reason I called this horse Winnie because I think this name sounds very nice and funny. Another reason is I like horses a lot. So that is why, I like my horse sculpture my teacher and my friend they were help me to think up the Winnie name.

About Duc

Duc at work, making a horse sculpture from a model.Duc Tran is 20 years old and from South Vietnam. Duc was born with vision, but at the age of 5 contracted measles and now has only light and shadow perception. In 1992 Duc and his family came to America. I asked Duc why and he replied freedom more better. Duc has been a student at TSBVI for 4 years. I've had the pleasure of working with Duc for 2 years. Duc uses his minds eye to create whimsical work. It takes Duc about 6 class periods to make a new sculpture. He is always searching for new ideas (just like any other artist) and would welcome e-mail correspondence.

Thank you,

Denise Elliott
Art Teacher